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You want someone to capture the genuine, happy moments that happen during one of the most important days of your life.

That’s my specialty!

I offer documentary-style photography with a primary goal of capturing candid moments of genuine emotion. Sure, we’ll shoot the typical “line-’em-up” style family wedding photos for posterity, but the real keepers are those special moments through the day that make it unique.

Here are some other awesome things you can expect:

  • Unlimited photos captured
  • Complete coverage from an hour before the ceremony to soon after the cake cutting
  • Optional second shooter
  • All of your photos to download or print in full quality


Pretty much everyone has an awkward family photo.

Or you’ve probably got that yearly picture of everybody dressed in their best shirt and tie or poofy dress, all standing in perfect formation with forced smiles in front of a fake backdrop.

Stop doing that to your family! Wouldn’t you rather go somewhere to hang out as a family, relax, and get genuine, natural photos of the real people you love??

Of course you would!

Here’s what we can do:

  • Spend a fun hour together with your family of up to 8
  • Capture genuine happiness in as many candid photos as possible
  • Give you all of your photos to download or print in full quality


There are moments in life when a selfie just won’t cut it.

Are you graduating? Did you get engaged? Are you about to have a baby? Maybe you’re celebrating a big anniversary!

What if you’re a big shot businessman or businesswoman who needs a corporate identity to showcase your overwhelming success? Or maybe you plan on being a super famous actor or model, and you just need a new head shot to get yourself noticed!

Whatever next big thing is happening in your life, you should totally think about getting some portraits to mark the occasion.

Here’s what’s up:

  • Unlimited photos captured
  • An hour of shooting time in a location of your choice
  • Reasonable, natural photo editing
    (get rid of that giant zit without making your entire face look plastic!)
  • All of your photos to download or print in full quality
My availability is extremely limited, so contact me as soon as possible!


“The PASS method of giving us the photos was convenient, and allowed us to show our pictures quickly and easily off our tablets...

...We love being able to show the pics from our devices, if someone happens to ask, ‘Hey, do you have any pictures from your wedding?’, since we don’t carry around an album. 🙂 ”

- Rachel

EVERY photo session comes with high resolution, printable digital files.

Lots of photographers charge anywhere from $500 to $1,000 and MORE just for a DVD or USB Drive of low quality digital files.

I do things a little differently.

Using an online gallery app called PASS, you’ll get 100% of your digital photos in full quality AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Yep. That’s awesome.

With PASS, you can:

  • Enjoy 10 years of secure online backup for your photos
  • Share all of your photos with friends and family – anytime, anywhere!
  • Use a free, beautiful, easy-to-use mobile app to always have your photos with you
  • Share your photos super easily through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc as much as you want
Click this button to see a real example of a PASS gallery!
About Me

Micah and Kristine were wonderful to work with during both the engagement shoot, and the wedding. They even hiked up a mountain with us, braving the threat of a thunderstorm, for our engagement photos. The resulting photos are awesome!

The pictures turned out beautifully. They caught moments during the wedding and reception that were truly special, even irreplaceable, like a lovely shot of my grandparents (married 63 years) dancing together. Within the year, my grandmother had passed away and that stunning photo is a treasure for our entire family.

Micah and Kristine were fun to work with, cooperative, and worked hard to capture our special day in a way that we will be grateful for forever.

We would definitely recommend Micah Gerber’s Awesome Photography.


The quality of his photos is really, very good. I cannot wait to print and frame many of them!

I think Micah and Kristine are very easy to work with and talk to, and the services they provided were well worth the money.

He really took advantage of the outdoor spots at our venue when they were pretty limited. I think he did a wonderful job for not having been able to travel to the venue to scope it out in advance. I love the candids and the formal portraits of John and I.

Also Kristine did a GORGEOUS job capturing all the girls as we got ready and photographed those tiny details that really shined.

I would hire them again without hesitation!


My family has had multiple studio photo experiences. We had photos to capture the different time periods in our lives, but they had come with much frustration, some tears, and sighs of exhaustion! This time, we wanted something different.

We had seen the photos taken by Micah and longed for the natural easiness they captured, in our own photos. That was no easy feat considering three children were involved. We were not disappointed. It was a relaxed atmosphere and that shines through in the photos. We were able to get pictures that we truly loved and that reflected the children’s personalities.

We are planning to repeat the experience with even more of our family getting involved. At the risk of sounding cliché, Micah & Kristine made the experience enjoyable. Best of all, we got the most beautiful family photos that we’ve ever had.

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